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    Clean Your Leather Motorcycle Pants And Chaps

    Hello Guys,

    Wearing leather pants and chaps is what being a biker is all about. I mean you've got the tricked out Harley night rod special, the flat black half helmet with flaming skulls, the vintage leather vest, that shows off your I heart Mum tattoo, and to top it off, that sleek black leather pants, that cover your grungy boots. Wearing leather motorcycle gear just make you look and feel like a badass. The problem is, without proper care, your intimidating leathers can go from, awesome to lame very quickly. First thing is first, you need to figure out what type of leather you have. There are many types of leather, cowhide, buckskin, suede, naked, etc... The most common is traditional cowhide, because it's the most durable, which is perfect for biker pants.

    Best Regards,
    Sara Chang

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    I never, ever... ever clean my leathers. New leather is as gay as, well, a half can with flames on it
    Need to show off the mileage on your ass with some well worn leather and prove you ain't just a weekend cowboy!



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