If you’re planning a trip that might include blasting through the dunes of a Vegas desert or the hills of Spain, you’ll be in need of some sort of buggy. You could buy your average bug, jump some hills and get some distance between you and the earth. Or, you could buy a SkyRunner, let out your fabric paragliding wing and fly.

The latest SkyRunner to hit the market will be priced at just $125,000 and will boast the ability to carry you up to 15,000 feet. A takeoff speed of just 39 mph is all it takes. Dash up to 60 mph in just 4.3 seconds on land before cranking it up to the full 115 mph. In the air, travel up to 200 miles at 55 mph. Any pinch you find yourself in can be overcome, and any time you get sick of driving, you have a simple solution. Just let out the chute.