Steven Spielberg is back and this time its with a brand new tv show called Terra Nova


In the year 2149 the planet earth is a mess, most of the plant and animal life has become extinct. Scientists can't reverse the damage but find a way to travel back to prehistoric times to save the human race. Among the Tenth Pilgrimage of settlers in Terra Nova is the Shannon family. Jim Shannon played by Jason O'Mara, he is a loving father with some secrets in his past. Elisabeth is his wife and a trauma surgeon; she wins a global lottery to join Terra Nova's medical team. They have three children who join them on this journey. Josh is 17 and not happy about leaving the life he knows and is used to. Maddy is 15 and looking forward to a new life and a chance to make changes. Zoe is 5, there is a secret involving her that could create problems for the Shannon family. Commander Nathaniel Taylor warns the new arrivals of the dangers that surround them not only dinosaurs but other settlers that have left the colony to start their own led by Mira, she left because she disagrees with Taylor as a leader. The Shannons soon discover that not all of the danger exists outside the walls of Terra Nova, some of the members of their group disagree on how to save mankind, some may even be trying to destroy the new world before it can get started.