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    Thanks CarreraGuy! Nice Porsche you got there!

    Quote Originally Posted by CarreraGuy View Post
    Welcome to the forum!!! Nice pics!

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    Quote Originally Posted by StrobistDoItBetter View Post
    crazy stuff, love those boats!! Welcome to the forum!
    Hi Strobistdoitbetter!

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    Hey Jake, that's right! Good to see hear from you.

    Quote Originally Posted by JakeMuss View Post
    Jules and I found each other on one of John's boats at the NYC boat show.

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    Thanks MotorDean! Is that your Rousch?

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    JULES! Thanks for the motivation to get on here. Really looking forward to meeting everyone and hopefully we can pull up on a FasTech to an event soon!!

    I'll let you drive it in!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Formulaboats_johnh View Post
    Thanks MotorDean! Is that your Rousch?
    Yes Sir...All Aluminum 427R

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    Welcome John!

    Good to see you on the forum!

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    Hey Guys, it's been a while. We are in the process of opening the regional gallery showroom in Norwalk, CT that will display upwards of 2 dozen boats. WE should have a grand opening shortly, we'll update you all in the community with plenty of time.

    Brewer Yacht Yard, when are you guys thinking of having this event? Please email me some details to

    See you soon.


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