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    Keonigsegg CCXRS in Glenn Cove

    On your average summer Thursday evening here in Long Island, New York, most people are sitting down for dinner with their families and settling in for the night. Not the guys over at the legendary Martino Auto Concepts in Glen Cove, New York. They are busy, along with the local fire department, shutting down town roads, awaiting the arrival of a monster.
    Hundreds of people crowd the streets along with over 100 super-cars; but everyone is waiting—waiting for the arrival of that unusual monster. Not unusual as in weird, but as in rare. How rare you ask? Well, there are more Lamborghini Venenos wandering the streets of the world than this car—and there are only four Venenos world-wide.

    The monster isn’t Godzilla or some fictional character or car from a movie. The monster is the one-of-one Keonigsegg CCXRS. At $1.6 million this super-car isn’t cheap, but it isn’t slow either. Packing an outrageous 1,018 horsepower, this is one of the fastest street-legal cars on the planet, rivaling legends such as the Bugatti Veyron SuperSport and the American-made Hennessy Venom GT.

    In 1994 at the young age of 22, Swedish native Christian von Keonigsegg decided to follow his dream to build the perfect super-car. Just two years later the Keonigsegg company had launched, and the first prototype, the CC, was on the streets. In 2002, full-series production began on the CC8S, and the company quickly gained respect in the super-car industry...

    Read More NOW and See More Pictures here:

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    Nice write up
    Martino Auto Concepts

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    Thank you very much!



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