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    Custom Engraved Wood Phone Cases! My New Business!

    I recently started up a new business! The company is LI Engraved and we make custom engraved phone cases on cherry wood. We can make cases for iPhone 5, 6 and 6plus and we can also engrave other small wood items. Check out our website to order your case, purchase a blank case, or purchase a pre-engraved case. Prices start as low as just $20! We have already made many cases for car owners for local Long Island exotic car owners. Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram @LIengraved. Please feel free to message me on here, or email me at for any questions or comments. I would love to hear your feedback! I will be attending The Refuge car show tomorrow July 16, 2015. Feel free to come say hi, I will be in a CarZach t-shirt! Remember, almost ANYTHING can be engraved on these cases! Below are some sample cases that have already been made.

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Name:	Kb4ivNN-WUXFIpIP0yoZ2i4EYigk3q4f-_Owu2Eq6TA,0Mhf9rW2lRj2dGl9j405ghqB6EtqkU0jYxwbCEXJ5tU.jpg 
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Name:	b5LT8ytHmhw762gyFUCgNdf38aSOzXlC1Uq80jOgtSU.jpg 
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Name:	gYhPm0wlF2cJjS4t4JM5qGXikDt0UfbVlsup1pPlNEI,ypJQKW-ZBuuSCU0KhbgUxK2LDBDYqZcbUChVyrOhyN8.jpg 
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Name:	Htasenr18kTaTUWmALXMxtAOI7wLgJZOypGcVao56u4,kCR-Rr3E5TW53_L662SiIcbxr8bociO0bmemufe9_sc.jpg 
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Name:	mvK87g1mBnuNxbPInlQp1wQkucNyITAbGbEAvchfsdU,OE31uZzbkv_0bVcUKJL512KQ2eqjxxXYsu_uXgHu17c.jpg 
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Name:	prR--PUrk7A8aSglykxjBN_kq3Xb0Kv2XCiMPh4lyBo,ZGsksPRRTCn-Fh4DI2_KP65LQzFixRfsJUB1ja-IfBg'.jpg 
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Name:	rj8_HLP5MnUD_SKpQF3DC2qtNRaqQD6zDpgwEU28gJc.jpg 
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Name:	YQGAfiu-Ims4wUs_OPMWwLIa4uY4qd9u-1XoW4bYZfo,udO8Fl6ywgH9OMsJ6Fxm28aydxMqwVZahoANbdcENBg.jpg 
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    "From Ordinary To Exotic, It's All About Cars"

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