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    The New Wheel Industry Starts Now | ADV.1 Wheels | 2016 Preview

    The rumors are true… All of them. Even the ones that aren’t.

    The new Wheel Industry starts now.

    Usually you need to take a DeLorean to 88mph to get this clear of a view into the future. We’d like to give you a small glimpse into the year 2016 where we'll be single handedly be redesigning the wheel industry…again.

    ADV1. Featured Vehicles:
    ADV.1 Wheels "Sukadickador" ‪‎Lamborghini‬ ‪Aventador‬ ‪‎LP700‬
    Project 2ADZ.1: 825 Horsepower ‪‎2JZ‬ ‪Turbo‬ ‎Datsun‬ ‪‎280z‬
    ADV.1's ‪C7‬ ‪‎Corvette‬ ‪Z06‬
    ADV.1's ‪‎Mercedes Benz‬ ‪S63‬ ‪‎AMG‬
    TAG Motorsports ‪‎AMG GTS‬
    Tag Motorsports ‪‎Audi‬ ‪‎RS7‬
    Tag Motorsports ‪‎BMW‬ ‪‎M4‬

    Video by Emil Garcia Photo
    Photos by William Stern

    You might have heard some rumors about ADV.1 opening up a new facility or taking over the Truck industry. Well both are true! For the past few months we have been working hard developing our manufacturing facility in Miami in order to help with production. Our customers are our #1 priority and in order to create the best lead times in the wheel industry, two manufacturing facilities are better than one. The new machining facility will allow us to make awesomeness into the concave forged wheel game, improve quality, and reduce lead times dramatically to a whole new level. The new Miami facility is huge!

    We got a couple of new Hass Automation CNC machines which will lathe turn a raw forging into a shiny forged blank that will be used to cut a design into the beautiful wheels you see today. These new machines include the Haas ST-40 CNC Lathe (the big wide machine) and Haas VF-5SS. We are looking to add possibly one or two more early 2016. ADV.1 Titanium is now taking orders.

    These new machines include the Haas ST-40 CNC Lathe (the big wide machine) and Haas VF-5SS. We are looking to add possibly one or two more early 2016. Titanium is also coming soon!

    The madness behind the vision of building the new facility to help with demand and improve customer service will change the wheel industry entirely. It’s not about purchasing a wheel but being part of the culture the ADV.1 brand has evolved into over the years. I sat down with the boss to get additional information about the future of The Wheel Industry. He said:

    “Look what we have been able to do in a short period of time, imagine what we’ll be able to do moving forward.” – Jordan Swerdloff, President of ADV.1 Wheels.

    See all the daily facility photos:
    Los Angeles:

    In addition to all this awesomeness, the ADV.1 arsenal has grown dramatically. In addition to getting the Lamborghini Aventador and Mercedes-Benz S63, these will be in the stable soon if not already by the time this press release goes viral:

    2016 Ferrari 488GTB in Rosso Scuderia
    2016 Chevrolet Z06 Arctic White with Z07 package
    2016 BMW M3
    2016 Ford Mustang GT California Edition Supercharged in Deep Impact Blue
    2017 Mercedes-Benz C63 Coupe
    2017 Ford GT (We can’t wait for this!)

    Have you drooled over our mid-year 2015 & 1/2 Brochure? If not check it out here.

    And this is just a tip just wait until we go balls deep.
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