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    Vilner Creates a BMW 5-Series Interior for Soccer Star Kostadin Stoyanov

    Bulgarian tuning for a Bulgarian soccer pro on a BMW.

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    Bulgaria and CSKA Sofia soccer star Kostadin Stoyanov wanted to hook up his BMW 5-Series (F10) and who else better to detail his sports sedan than the guys at Vilner. The fellow Bulgarians did the 5-Series proper with a terrific interior design to maximize luxury and comfort.

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    The seats, panels and lower dash were all wrapped in an exterior-color matching white leather. The steering wheel, dash, ceiling and bottom of the seats were wrapped in a slick black Alcantara. Red lining creates a nice contrast throughout the BMW 5-Series.

    There is no doubt Stoyanov was pleased with his modified 5-Series as he posed for a photo shoot with his ride.Check out the 25-year old center back's ride and Vilner's masterful work on yet another BMW interior.

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    I hope grass stains will come out of that interior...niceeee



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