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    Ink Master Winner.

    Recently season one of Ink Master came to a close. The result in my opinion was a bit of a surprise from what was presented in the last episode. The final tattoo artists were Shane O'Neill and Tommy Helm who is from Long Island. At the end of the day Shane took the title as "Ink Master" because of his consistency being at the top in several contests throughout the show. You can catch the final episode replay on Spike which you should see for yourself. Tommy Helm was being praised throughout the whole last episode. During the whole shows season it was Tommy neck and neck with Shane. Tommy came back strong doing a tattoo piece the judges wanted to see and all around proved he should have been at the top of the list. I will post the final tattoos below and give you the chance to vote.

    Shanes Tattoos:

    Tommys Tattoos:

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    Shane definately was the clear winner overall, but Tommy I think had the best of him in the final round.



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